Increase the sophistication of any lighting design with cove lighting from Anolis. Compact, powerful and with supreme colour mixing capabilities, this wide range of fixtures will allow for any colour scheme to be created for a broad variety of applications. Utilise existing ledges, recesses and valances as mounting locations and allow the even light output to create the perfect mood for the environment.

Cove Lighting Case Studies

Cove Lighting

Discreet profiles and precision optics are key components of Anolis cove lighting solutions. ArcCove offers plug and play connectivity with full colour mixing as well as SmartWhite options, all housed within a slim low-profile composite body. Various mounting options including a fully user adjustable option meanING onsite focusing is easily achieved. When larger soffits and areas need to be illuminated, the ArcLink and ArcLink Optic offer high power solutions. There is a variety of lens options for ArcLink Optic to ensure accurate light output and the connection to an ArcPower PSU offers excellent colour mixing and dimming control. All Anolis cove lighting solutions meet SELV regulations.

Why Anolis

As a leading manufacturer of premium LED architectural lighting solutions, with over 10 years experience, Anolis is the smart choice for any lighting application. The company values of honesty, integrity and the desire to produce the best possible fixtures are present in our DNA. Since the inception of Anolis, we have always collaborated with our customers and partners to create the highest quality LED lighting solutions with a huge range of applications and projects across the globe. Anolis is proud to research, design and manufacture all fixtures in our 55,000 m² factory in the Czech Republic, employing over 600 people so we have complete control over all aspects of the research, design and production process.

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