Twenty-four specially customised Anolis ArcPad™ Xtreme and ArcPad™ 94 Integral LED wash fixtures are illuminating the stunning roof structure of new Western Concourse at Kings Cross Station in London, UK.

Project Details

The fabulous lighting scheme was designed by Simon King of Arup, the Lead Mechanical Electrical & Public Health Engineer of the Kings Cross Station Redevelopment Programme which is being delivered by Network Rail.

The lighting unites aesthetics and function and follows the stylishly fluid flow of the new roof’s white geodesic curvature. It contrasts with and compliments both the historic and the new contemporary architectures present in the station, the original Victorian elements of which date back to 1852.

Anolis collaborated with A.C. Special Projects (ACSP) to supply the ArcPad™ Xtremes and ArcPad™ 94 Integrals to the project. Advance work included mock ups and demonstrations along with other options, allowing King to make a well informed decision.

Anolis was able to provide the specific colour temperature required by utilising a customised mix of RGBB LEDs (red, green, blue and blue) and also achieve the requisite lux levels, all in a neat and highly energy efficient solution.

The additional blue LED chip making up the RGBB module produced the very specific and resonant blue signature wash desired by the client, who was hugely impressed with the brightness, flexibility and eco-friendliness of the proposed LED design.

They also saw great potential in the colour-changing properties of the ArcPad™ Xtremes for special events and occasions – a function not available on an HID floodlight for example.

Anolis’s high performance and DMX control offered maximum flexibility whilst being very sustainable, with low power requirements – all 24 fixtures on at 100% draw just under 14KW - and minimal on-going running and maintenance costs, plus the quality engineering for which the brand is renowned. Added to all this, Anolis was also highly cost effective.

The 24 units were supplied by ACSP to electrical contractors NG Bailey - who undertook the installation - with remote ballasts which reduces the weight of each fixture by 8Kgs. This was a crucial factor as the walkway onto which they are rigged via bespoke brackets above the Concourse’s mezzanine floor, has restricted weight loading.

The ArcPad™s are programmed in to a Pharos LPC2 controller, in turn linked to the overall building management system that switches them on and off according to the ambient light levels on the Concourse.

The opening of the Western Concourse is the biggest transformation to date in the 160 year history of the Grade I listed station. Over 47 million passengers a year travel through the Kings Cross interchange and will benefit from a whole range of improvements including the eye-catching lighting scheme.

The overall Kings Cross Refurbishment Programme is being overseen by Network Rail and by Arup Lead Consultants and Architects John McAslan + Partners.

Photo credits: Thomas Graham, Arup

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