Anolis ArcPad™ Xtreme high output LED flood fixtures have been specified for a high impact lighting installation illuminating the exterior of the Sofitel Hotel, Gold Coast Broadbeach, Australia. Sofitel is the premium brand properties of international hotel conglomerate, Accor.

Project Details

It takes just two of the new Anolis RGBW ArcPad™ Xtreme fixtures - such is their power and intensity - to fill the full 23 storey high front walls of the hotel with a beautifully smooth, even wash of vivid colour.

The ArcPad™ Xtremes replace four previous 1000 Watt discharge lightsources, bringing a fresh visuality to the hotel after dark, which now stands out like a beacon from the myriad of other tall buildings dotting the famous skyline of the Gold Coast.

For all this illumination, the power consumed is a mere 580W per fixture at maximum intensity, representing a minimal 11 Amps less – or approximately a 65% reduction – across the whole installation!
Added to that, the renowned Anolis quality engineering guarantees that the products will require significantly lower maintenance then the previous installation.

One ArcPad™ Xtreme is positioned on a lower roof on the south side of the hotel and the other on a pole on the north side of the building. The hotel’s chief engineer Alan Wallbanks approached Anolis seeking a more eco-friendly solution to bring the hotel alive at night and differentiate it from the surrounding skyscrapers. They are also in the process of implementing an energy and maintenance reduction programme across the entire Sofitel resort.

Anolis participated with a number of onsite demonstrations and whilst the hotel did look at other brands and products for the project, Anolis was chosen for its intensity and the vibrancy of the colours as well as the reputation of the brands reliability.

The ArcPad™ Xtreme has been specifically designed by the Anolis team for large area exterior installations like this. It has two independent LED modules densely populated with emitters that produce the mega-bright output, and is IP67 rated, so perfect for any environmental conditions from searing heat to biting cold.

The RGBW LED combination produces a quality white light in addition to the dynamic palette of colours ranging from rich saturates to delicate pastels, while the homogenised light engine ensures a smooth even coverage across the surface with no blockiness or hotspots.

Anolis also supplied a wall-mounted DMX keypad controller, programmed to switch on at dusk. This also enables hotel staff to quickly and easily change colours and intensities as required for special events and functions that the hotel may be hosting at the time.

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