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ArcPix illuminates the A52 Wyvern Footbridge in Derby

The replacement footbridge in Derby forms a key part of the A52 Wyvern Transport Improvement Scheme – a large infrastructure project for the East Midlands city. The foot and cycle bridge links the residential area of Chaddesden to the commercial areas at the Wyvern Centre in Derby, crossing the busy A52 bypass over Brian Clough Way. Used by thousands of football fans visiting Derby County’s Pride Park Stadium on match days and providing vital access for pedestrians and cyclists across this busy access point, the bridge is now illuminated on both arches of the suspension bridge, as lighting the structure was a key consideration for the Council’s improvement scheme.

The Derby City Council project began in early 2017, with a series of transport network management improvements implemented on the A52 Brian Clough Way, as well as the area around the Wyvern Retail Park and Pride Park - a 80 hectare business park that is home to Derby Arena and Derby County Football Club. The bridge was completed and opened in Autumn 2020 and the lighting control is fully operated by Derby City Council.


Measuring over 82 metres in length and four-and-a-half metres wide, the modern, professionally designed bridge structure provides a significant enhancement to walking and cycling facilities in the area. The aim was to create a fully accessible link between residential and commercial areas for both pedestrians and cyclists, offering many improvements across the previous bridge link with ramped approaches, a four and half metre wide deck and a resin anti-slip surface. The bridge also now offers handrail lighting and decorative arch lighting, designed to have minimal impact on nearby residential properties whilst providing safety for all bridge users.

Anolis UK worked in conjunction with installers LTP and delivered an initial brief comprising of 3 different concept designs requested by Derby Council which allowed them to visualise various options available to them to illuminate the structure. This included a simple solution to highlight the arched curve with spotlights from either side, a dynamic spotlight effect to highlight the vertical supports cables and a pixel system to cover the entire arch.

The council opted for the Pixel system as this gave them the visual dynamics and colour options that would have the most impact and was a cost-effective solution sympathetic to the bridge design.

Anolis Lighting ArcPix II RGBW fixtures with an oval frosted lens were specified for the suspension bridge’s two arches which were illuminated with a continuous RGBW node arrangement to both sides requiring the string of fixtures to span 100mtr in one continuous run fed from one side of the bridge structure. The ArcPix strings consisted of 86 nodes spaced at 1mtr intervals which were fixed to the outside edge of the 100mtr arch all powered and controlled from a single location with the electronics fitted inside a secure exterior cabinet. LTP used a Pharos control system with a 4G router to allow the council to remotely control and maintain the lighting system.

The plug and play media effects of the ArcPix II fixtures was the perfect solution enabling flexibility to create dramatic visual effects in a variety of colours The IP67 rating ensures the fixtures are tough enough to withstand the harshest environmental conditions with full exposure to the elements on the bridge structure.

The lights and system choice gave Derby Council the ability to change the colour lighting scheme of the bridge on match day, to mark special occasions, alongside key events in the calendar at this pinnacle structure on the main approach link into Derby.

A spokesman from Derby Council said:
The scheme aims to ‘reduce congestion, improve journey times and reliability, provide safer travel opportunities, increase sustainable travel and also support wider economic growth‘.

The footbridge – measuring 82mtrs in length and four- and- a -half metres in width – has created an important link between Meadow Lane and commercial areas at Wyvern. It now provides easy access for pedestrians, cyclists plus wheelchair users with its ramped approaches and enhanced lighting scheme.


The Client: Derby City Council

The Integrator: LTP

Location: Derby, United Kingdom

Product: ArcPixII RGBW – oval frosted lens x 86
ArcPixel Power unit
Pharos Control system with 4G connection

Industry Sector: Construction – Bridges & Structures


• The ArcPix system allowed for a pre-assembled factory-made string designed to
LTP’s drawing specifications. This reduced installation time on location to fit
exactly to the engineered fixing positions on the arch.

• A low power consumption of 0.8w per ArcPix (140w total)

• Due to the length of the arch being 100mtr, the ArcPix system was the best
solution available to allow for 2 simple strings with no joints all to be powered
from one side of the bridge without the need for additional drivers and cables.

• Having the Opal diffused lens reduced any glare from the ArcPix that could
affect vehicles passing below the bridge.

• Individual control over each ArcPix allows for creative chases and static white
and coloured effects. All pre-programmed and a simple interface allow for the
council to have a timed system or could manually override when required
remotely from their offices.

• With the ArcPix being daylight visible and utilsing the diffused lens, the system
could be used at lower light levels for dramatic effect.

Photo Credits: Louise Stickland & LTP

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