A stunning blend of nature and technology perfectly describes the huge nature park built for the residents and visitors of Singapore. Grant Associates were the lead designers for the huge project that is visited by over 8 million people annually.

Project Details

The 250-acre park has been created on reclaimed land and consists of three waterfront gardens and was designed to increase the availability of green space in Singapore which is the 3rd most densely populated country on earth. As Singapore is a tiny country and the new gardens are no more than 30 miles travel for all Singaporeans.

The brief was to supply colour mixing, energy efficient alternatives for the existing metal halide fittings and Anolis was selected to supply over 400 fixtures for the project.

The ArcSource™ 96 Integral was selected to replace the metal halides which not only used much more power than the Anolis fixtures but also needed bulb replacements 3 times a year, pushing up the cost of maintenance in addition to the high electricity bill.

Light output of the ArcSource™ 96 Integral was also key to the decision-making process as the fixture produces more lumen output at distances of 3m and above, critical for illuminating the dozen “SuperTrees” that stand 25m to 50m in height.

In addition to the other aspects of the fixtures, the colour mixing qualities of the RGBW multichip were essential for creating spectacular visual effects which impress visitors every night as at 7:45pm and 8:45pm the Supertree Grove comes to life with an orchestrated light and music show which is called "Garden Rhapsody".

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