The Martin Memorial Hospital in Stuart, Florida features state of the art technology including MRI scanners and so it was only fitting that they wanted high end mood lighting to create a relaxing environment for the benefit of their patients. The hospital turned to Anolis to help with the very specific problem of operating lights in a highly magnetised environment of the MRI room, a very difficult environment for normal lighting fixtures.

Project Details

Anolis was able to produce fixtures that featured 100% non-ferrous metals to ensure that the ArcLine™ fixtures did not interfere with or were affected by the magnetic field produced by the MRI. The body of the fixtures are already produced in high-grade full aluminium extrusions so this also helped with the speed at which the order was able to be developed and delivered. The ArcPower™ drivers also needed to be put under high scrutiny and were passed due to the very low electrical emissions required by the Siemens MRI scanners.

The Anolis ArcLine™ range of fixtures come in multiple variants to exactly match the customers specific requirements.
In this instance the Hospital required three separate lengths of ArcLine™, the 6, 12 and 18 which correspond to the number of single chips within each fixture. All the fixtures are highly efficient with high lumen output to electrictiy consumption ratio's. The ArcLine™ 18 for example produces a maximum of 1,767 lumens whilst typically consuming only 20.4W, ensuring energy bills will be kept low for many years to come.

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