A new footbridge was required to span the Becva River in the town of Roznov as the existing crossing had been widened to allow more traffic to pass, and thus ensuring safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project Details

Chosen to light the new bridge on behalf of the developers, we were required to provide a scheme designed to be flexible, controllable and extremely energy efficient, a challenge Anolis was only too happy to accept.

The structure is 31m long with a 3m track width, making it a substantial piece of architecture needing to be lit with care to ensure the correct effect was created as a centre piece for the town and local residents.

After careful consideration the Anolis ArcLine™ Mini Outdoor 36 (IP67 rated) fixture was selected, discreet at a height of 27mm - allowing insertion into the tightest of spaces, whilst also robust enough to withstand cold Czech winters and hot summers.

42 units were used to illuminate the bridge, the lighting scheme can be programmed to include an almost infinite variation of colours, saturations and light intensities. This functionality was very important for the designers as the bridge will be used to reflect the changes in the seasons and to celebrate public holidays.

The total energy consumption of the installation was also of paramount importance to the project. The fully illuminated bridge consumes just 1.7kW when bright white, reducing to less than 50% as colours change through a spectrum of reds, greens and blues.

Anolis is proud to partner with a project that benefits the residents of Roznov, a town very close to the Anolis HQ and production facility.

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