A massive Anolis architectural LED lighting installation has been completed by A.C. Special Projects Ltd. at London's iconic Somerset House venue. This was designed by Patrick Woodroffe, who was commissioned by Somerset House's director Gwyn Miles.

Project Details

Woodroffe's brief was to transform the night time ambience of the Edmond J Safra Fountain Court - the hub of the spectacular neoclassical Grade I Listed building - with a classic warm white illumination on the facades. Additionally, utilising RGBA fixtures, Woodroffe introduced the potential to bathe the buildings in a rich medley of colours, adding a theatrical dimension for corporate, live music and themed events that Somerset house hosts annually.

A key requirement was for the lighting scheme to be environmentally sustainable and involving low-power fixtures with extended maintenance intervals, so LED was the obvious choice and so was choosing Anolis.

The team at A.C. Special Projects approached Anolis to help accomplish the very specific technical and aesthetic qualities that this LED lighting scheme required. This was achieved using a mix of custom and standard Anolis products.

Fixtures used in the project included:
- ArcLine™ Optic Outdoor 36
- ArcSource™ Outdoor 36 RGBA
- ArcSource™ Outdoor 36 Warm White
- Bespoke length ArcLink™ 4 Strips

The Anolis fixtures are driven and DMX controlled by Anolis ArcPower™ 144 and ArcPower™ 36/SW drivers, for perfect dimming and smooth colour fading, a crucial element for this style of architectural lighting.

The LED lighting is controlled by a Jands Vista PC system, pre-programmed with presets for various shows and events, including a selection of rich static colour looks and mixed contrasting colours. Effects chases like gentle ripples shimmering across the surfaces, waves and stepped blocks of colour are also available.

A.C. Special Projects’ Managing Director, Peter Keiderling, commented:
“Patrick and his team were a pleasure to work with and were always there to relay the design intent in a clear and concise manor. This, coupled with a ‘can do’ attitude from the Somerset House team, has made this an outstanding lighting scheme.”

Anolis is overjoyed to once again be involved with a project concerning another Grade I listed building whose construction started in 1776 and is particularly famous throughout the UK.

Photo Credit: © David Morrell

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