Patrick Woodroffe & Adam Bassett of Woodroffe Bassett Design have created a spectacular lighting scheme at Waddesdon Manor, the brilliant country house built and owned by the Rothschild family. The purpose of the scheme is to not only to illuminate this iconic building but also to produce custom son-et-lumiéres for particular special occasions. The lighting scheme extends beyond the confines of the Manor, and introduces light into some of the surrounding landscaping and the routes that lead to the building.

Project Details

Anolis was selected for this weighty task as our fixtures possess many of the attributes of Waddesdon Manor itself, being very robust, established and visually pleasing.

The sheer size of the building and grounds is enough to impress any visitor but combined with Anolis advanced led luminaires and Woodroffe Bassett Design, the venue becomes truly stunning and almost without equal.
A vast number of fixtures were needed to accurately light the Grade I Listed building and grounds and include the largest and most powerful units in the Anolis range such is the size of the project.

The ArcPad™ Xtreme produces a maximum output of almost 30,000 lumens whilst consuming only a typical 580W across the two independently focusable modules and is prevalently used in this project. Other powerful fixtures are also used in the lighting scheme such as the ArcSource™ 96 Integral and ArcPad™ 94 Integral. The ledges of the building are home to many ArcLine™ Outdoor 20MC as they up light the intricate elements of the architecture.

Not only are there fixtures installed above ground but also below with the ArcSource™ Inground 24MC Integral as a highly robust fixture that features a remotely tiltable optic system, requiring only mains power as the wireless control capability allows remote control of the units.

All units are made to the highest standards with robust aluminium casings, IP67 ratings and an almost infinite range of colour combinations and intensities to allow the fantastic 4-minute lighting scheme to be created.

Anolis is proud to have been involved in a project of such historical significance and is thrilled to add this to the list of other exalted buildings and structures that Anolis has lit over the years.

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