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We are dedicated to making a difference wherever and whenever
we can. Caring for the environment means doing things that will 
keep the Earth healthy. It’s up to us to do what we can to care for
the environment. There are plenty of ways to be green and make 
eco-friendly choices that help our planet


Since 1994

ROBE s.r.o. and it’s brand Anolis a Robe business is the global company
that pursues a proactive policy of sustainable trading and business
practices where possible, and takes its responsibility to employees, the community, and the planet very seriously.

The company has focused on this approach to its developmentcompany 
and growth since it was founded in 1994. Since then, it has been
committed to ensuring that both its production processes and
products are genuinely greener and more environmentally friendly.
The interest in bringing innovative and emerging technologies
to the market can be traced back to the company’s roots.
The “Think of the Future Consider Nature” marketing campaign
was one of many memorable early brand activations from the last
decade, highlighting a philosophy at the heart of Anolis’s operation.



The problem of recultivation in conditions of a constantly increasing area of disturbed lands acquires great socio-economic and ecological significance. The issue of recultivation is always included in our projects for the construction and renovation of old premises and in the plans of land management.


2995 Solar panelsSolar panels

Besides providing us with light and warmth, solar energy helps us
save non-reusable energy sources. We started taking all the
necessary steps to take advantage of solar energy at the beginning
of 2022. A photovoltaic system with a peak power of 1,3 MWp will
be installed on the roofs of Anolis and ROBE’s factory buildings in
Valasske Mezirici order to generate electricity from sunlight.


Connecting electricity and heat

Generating electricity and heat at once? Yes. Thanks to the planned cogeneration units we’ll be able to generate electricity and use the excess heat for Anolis production spaces and office heating.


rekuperaceEnergy balance

​Produced energy:     1,266,630 kWh/year
Produced energy offtake:     1,018,320 kWh/year
Electrical energy supplied to network:     80%
Building energy consumption:     248,310 kWh/year
CO2 savings:     526.5 ton/year
Self-sufficiency:     32%

Considering our footprint

It‘s up to each of us, how we‘ll decide to help the environment. Anolis chooses reusable sources of energy and we are doing our part in other environmentally-friendly activities and our production set-up. Take a look at what we do and how we help the planet by our eco-optimized processes.

Shortening delivery route

All elements of the manufacturing process – including plastic moulding, metalwork, PCB production, optical testing, etc., – are completed in house and 85% of all used components are also sourced from within the EU. Building a manufacturing base in the Czech Republic was a conscious decision to initiate shorter supply chains with less transportation required to assemble the finished products.

Production instructions

We reduce paper consumption as much as we can. We do not print any production instructions. All the production instructions are communicated via energy-saving LED screens in the production workshops.

Final Packing of Products

Packaging of component and products, to stay working smartly and sustainably, and to measure our impact on the environment, we are constantly setting targets for selfimprovement through reviewing, updating, and implementing policies and working practices at our factory. In addition to recycled polystyrene and ecological film that has been used for many years in the company we try to find a fully ecological replacement.


Sustainable Waste Management

We’re constantly monitoring the materials and techniques used to ensure that waste is minimised and that all our manufacturing processes are as clean as possible and not consuming excesses of water and electricity. Recycling is actively promoted in all departments and we’re still looking for the new ways to reuse waste and new ways of recycling.


We Are Using Renewable Energyrobe car

Electric cars are setting new environmental standards and in the 
future they will replace cars running on fossil fuels. Electromobility
and renewable energy are part of the transport infrastructure that 
helps reduce man-made climate change. We’re in the process of 
acquiring electric and plug-in hybrid cars, in addition to the existing
electric car charging point in the factory made available for public 
use in 2016 which will be supplemented by 5 new solar energy car 
charging stations in the first quarter of 2023.


EminereAnolis Products Are Designed To Last

Product longevity for resource conservation – Anolis products
are designed to last and offer long-term reliability, engineered
and built for continuity between generations of ‘industry standard’
luminaires, applying sustainability across Anolis entire portfolio.

Making every product as versatile as possible ensures
maximization of the invested resources and energy with each
one working on as many different events as possible during 
its lifespan.


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