Artur Frantz as new face for ANOLIS in Germany

The Anolis Lighting brand encompasses the architectural lighting portfolio of Robe Lighting. Anolis Lighting stands for architectural lighting products manufactured with the highest technical precision. The core market is all architainment projects in which architectural lighting and event lighting merge, such as façade illuminations or interior lighting with colour changes and adjustable white.

The parent company Robe Lighting is a leading global manufacturer of moving lights. The headquarters and factory are located in the Czech Republic. The 100% owner-managed medium-sized company has ambitious growth plans for its architectural brand ANOLIS and has already significantly increased its market shares in the UK, France and the USA, among others, in recent years.

In order to cope with the increased number of projects in the German market and to define a dedicated contact person for planning offices, installers and other interested parties, Artur Frantz joined the German distributor Robe Deutschland GmbH as Manager Architectural Lighting & Installations in October and is thus the first contact person for the ANOLIS Lighting Division Germany for all matters.

Artur has many years of experience in the planning, realisation and operation of installations. In addition to many years of experience as a project manager or leading positions with renowned German technical service providers and planning offices, he has also actively implemented projects as a lighting designer for architecture.

"ANOLIS has a strong product portfolio that covers almost all areas of architainment and behind which I stand with full personal conviction. By the time of Light & Building in March 2022, we will have completed it further and also will have modernised the brand identity.

In addition to perfect colours and colour changes, this strength of ANOLIS proves itself above all in the full control of white light. Adjustments of white tones to ambient light or weather conditions are among the decisive factors in architecture. ANOLIS also has the convincing advantage of flexibility and individualisation, which we can realise via our factory in the Czech Republic.

At our new location in Neuching, which we will officially open next March, as well as at the outdoor installation of DARK MATTER in Berlin, we furthermore have the opportunity to bring the ANOLIS portfolio to life at any time. I look forward to accompanying and strengthening ANOLIS in its growth," says Artur.

Artur Frantz, Manager Architectural Lighting & Installations of the Anolis Lighting Division Germany, can be reached at


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