Anolis Lyrae™ S MC Lyrae™ S MC

Difficult inground installations are made easier with the Lyrae S MC. High light output comes from powerful LEDs and it can be used with a variety of optics, from narrow to wide, in addition to a bi-symmetrical option. The light source can be remotely tilted 25° from the horizontal position, always ensuring accurate illumination of the selected surface. Additionally, Lyrae S MC can be equipped with anti–skid glass featuring the highest standards of certification for anti–slip usage having no impact on the fixture‘s outstanding colour mixing.

Key Features

Lumen output & Light source
LEDs provides up to 1012 lm (@9° RGBW) lumen output.
No light spills.
Design & Durability
IP68 and IK10
5 year warranty (registered).
Projected Lumen Maintenance
L90B10 >90.000 hrs, Ta = 25°C / 77°F

Standard Product Versions

RGBW (W - 6500K)

Optic Options

9°, 12°, 15°, 25°, 30°, 45°, 65° (Clear Glass)
10°x30°, 10°x60°, 15°x45°, 35°x60° (Clear Glass)
18°, 22°, 35°, 50° (Anti-Skid Glass)
20° x 35°, 20° x 65°, 20° x 50°, 35° x 65° (Anti-Skid Glass)

Control Protocols / Options


Standards & Certification

European CE
5 Years (Registered)