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The Grand Brighton Hotel

The magnificent and iconic Grand Brighton hotel is a Grade II listed luxury Victorian property steeped in British history and stands centre stage on Brighton’s famous seafront. Built in 1864, it is an exemplary example of Victorian architecture mixed with subtle Italian influence. It was originally built to welcome wealthy travellers visiting Brighton over 150 years ago with its stunning sweeping spiral staircase, ornate masonry elements to the window balconies, upper castellated structures, traditional period designs and beautiful sea view rooms.
The Grand Brighton hotel remains one of Brighton’s finest hotels with over 200 bedrooms and conference facilities to accommodate 800 guests. In recent years it has hosted major events, has appeared in UK TV episodes from Only Fools and Horses to Coronation Street and witnessed many famous guests including the legendary 70’s Swedish group - Abba. The band partied in the appropriately named Napoleon Suite following their 1974 Eurovision Song Contest win with their performance of ‘Waterloo.’
Investment in the restoration and enhancement of the hotel’s frontage came as part of a wider programme of modernisation along Kings Road, which aims to create a unique seafront blending old with new.
Anolis UK was approached by the hotel’s management to specify a suitable energy efficient RGBW luminaire to the property to replace their ageing discharge fixtures to highlight and enhance the substantial and impressive newly unveiled façade of the building. There were several key considerations to factor as the lighting had to offer precise, minimal spill and accurately wash the impressive front spanning a 75 meter façade.
The project required careful management as the hotel’s lighting scheme is protected by heritage conservation restriction terms, as specified by Brighton and Hove City Council’s conservation strategy. Such conditions stipulate the colour of light that can be used on the façade, alongside how many times a year the façade can be lit using any other colour variations in addition to the standard classical warm white.


For a building of this grand splendour with its width and height, the natural choice was the most powerful fixture in the Anolis range, the ArcPad Xtreme.
Producing over 16,000 lumens in RGBW LED chip configuration, this unit has the output to light the seven-story façade. Seven units were strategically installed in the exact locations as the previous fixtures due to the terms of the planning permission for the site and local authority regulations.
This was a complex project due to the planning and conservation restrictions and ensuring certain criteria were met, including all fixture housing units being custom manufactured in matt black 9016 RAL finish to minimise the visual impact at the front of the hotel. Also adhering to the specific positioning of the product on the seafront façade and factoring the careful consideration required for the heritage status of the building and neighbouring architecture.
The RGBW units wash the façade in beautiful 3000K warm white 95% of the year as this best compliments and showcases the impressive architecture of the building. It has also been programmed to produce a variety of coloured designs throughout the calendar year. Key events such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Pride and various other occasions are pre-programmed to change automatically on specified dates.
Control is provided by the Pharos system with a Lumen Radio wireless link and all pre-set with colour changing scenes. This allows effortless changes to the lighting scheme and eliminated additional costs required to lay data cables for the fixtures.
The LumenRadio DMX/RDM wireless transmitter carries communication between the lighting controller and luminaires. This system is managed via an intuitive Pharos lighting control system located deep within the hotel with the outstation providing a user-friendly interface that designated staff can operate.
The ArcPad Xtreme units are ideally suited for a beachfront location with their tough IP67 and IK07 rating, ensuring high performance for many years ahead, despite being exposed to elements and salty air direct from the North Sea.
The installation was installed and commissioned by LTP Integration and on completion, Andrew Mosley, General Manager – The Grand Brighton hotel said:
“ We are delighted with the performance of the new energy-efficient lighting scheme. It truly does enhance the features of the beautiful façade wonderfully and gives us great flexibility to partake in celebration days and events throughout the year."
The ArcPad Xtreme features two independently controlled LED modules containing 188 single LED chips in total and produces a maximum output of over 29,000 lumens. The unit is available in RGBW, PureWhite and SmartWhite LED options with a variety of optic angles to suit the application.


The Client
The Grand Brighton hotel
Brighton, United Kingdom
ArcPad Xtreme RGBWW Wireless B1 luminaires
LumenRadio CRMX Slim TX
LumenRadio CRMX Nova TX2 RD<
Phasos TPC & EXT
Project Partners
Installation & Commissioning – LTP Integration
Control System – Pharos Control System – Lumen Radio

Industry Sector
Hospitality -Hotels / Leisure & Tourism

• Utilises the built-in Lumenradio wireless DMX receivers to reduce the additional
installation costs
• Delivery of high output RGBWW for improved colour flexibility with the precise
optical control required
• Warm white LEDs to allow the building to be illuminated in warm white for 90%
of the year
• The ability to allow the building to lit in specific colours 22 times throughout the
calendar year as stipulated by planning and conservation
• The ease of pre-programming to automatically change colours on set dates to
signify occasions such as Pride, Brighton Festival, Christmas etc.
• Provided a contemporary energy efficient lighting scheme that has proven
longevity and performance to illuminate the striking features of this iconic
• The new lighting scheme is maintenance free therefore eliminating the
requirement to replace lamps annually
• The system is fully automated for the client's convenience, whilst still offering
full dimming and colour control facilities
• Striking contemporary LED based RGBW lighting solution that accentuates the
impressive architectural features of the listed building
• ArcPad Xtreme provided the perfect pre-requisites for durability and reliability in
a hostile marine setting such as Brighton seafront where strong winds and
saltwater are common place
• The luminaires offer state-of-the-art on-board wireless data receiving facilities
overcoming constraints with cable routes and external groundwork restrictions
due to the hotel's listed building status and restrictions from a cultural and
heritage perspective with the local council's conservation strategy
• Exterior architectural lighting now effectively showcases the magnificent
splendor of this iconic venue’s unique structural features, providing a bold
statement in the evenings on Brighton’s famous seafront

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Toasty Visuals - Grand Brighton video
Neha Kher - Image 1 & 2 warm white
Bradley Moon Photography - Image 3 & 4 - Halloween & Bonfire Night

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