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Magazine London located on the Greenwich Peninsula and Exhibition London in White City West London are operated by Broadwick Lice and Venue Lab and are two of the capital’s leading multifunctional venues hosting some of the biggest names in the live entertainment industry.
Magazine London is a purpose-built 19,994 sq mtr destination and is the largest of its kind in London offering a striking blank canvas for culture and commerce providing the opportunity for brands and businesses to interact with global and local audiences. It opened its doors at the end of 2019 and is a interesting industrial space situated on the River Thames, with a stunning backdrop of London’s Canary Wharf CBD skyline.
Exhibition London located on the other side of town provides a true sense of grandeur from the moment you enter the venue blending heritage, design and culture under one room in a Grade II listed building which is a popular space for music, culture and corporate events situated in the heart of White City and the Wesfield Development. The venue opened in early 2020 and offers a charismatic event space in a former train engine house for Central London Railways.
The client wanted the opportunity to wash both substantial event spaces with house lighting to compliment the aesthetics as they can accommodate up to 3000 people for a range of events from conference to gala dinners and gigs! The fixtures need to be compatible with the look and feel of each property and consistent with the multi-purpose lighting which is stylish and harmonious at both locations.


Anolis Lighting fixtures were specified by consultant and technical production director Simon Jones of SJ-TPM. Simon co-ordinated the technical design, specification, procurement, installation and commission of the fixtures for both Magazine and Exhibition London.
Impressed with the engineering, build and performance of Anolis luminaires the Divine 160s were the perfect choice for each venue in providing the desired solution for both the house and atmospheric lighting and fulfilling the brief at these high profile properties.
At Magazine London x 65 Divine 160 units are suspended and secured to the roof trusses and beams with C-Clamps and safety eyelet with cables. Due to the load imitations of the roof trusses, keeping the suspended weight down was critical. Each Divine unit is compact and weights a relatively light 14.5kg (which is about a third of the older generation ArcPad Xtreme).
Each luminaire has 40 x Osram RGBW multi-chips which can produce a highly impressive 11,800 lumen output. The high output allows the event space to be flooded with rich, saturated coloured light to theme the areas for the particular events. The 40° wide beam angle allows a consistent spread of light throughout the event space.
The Divine’s onboard software allows for 18-bit dimming, whereby the light can fade seamlessly down to zero. This enables the subtle fade up and downs that the venue needs for particular functions such as award ceremony events. The precise dimming function allows the lighting level to be set at exact outputs depending on the event or performance.
Exhibition London showcases x45 Divine 160s located in the in-house system providing a combination of working, ambient and environmental lighting across the main show floor.
In both venues the Divine 160s are controlled via the grandMA consoles running all the stage and production lighting and effects, alongside proving to be an adaptable and ideal solution to compliment the inhouse lighting rig.
Technical Production Director Simon Jones of SJ-TPM said: “I wanted a fixture that could do more than just provide functional white house lighting. Ideally and LED source for cost efficiency and sustainability, plus a unit that produced a great range of colours and a quality , bright output, so the same fixtures could also be part of the atmospheric lighting or theming for a wide range of events.”


The Client
Magazine London & Exhibition London

Greenwich Peninsula London and White City, Wesfield, London

Divine 160 RGBW luminaires
Control System – grandMA console

Project Partners
Installation & Commissioning – SJ-TPM

Industry Sector
Events & Hospitality Venue – live entertainment


•High performance 440W lumen with phenomenal light output allowing the event
space to be flooded with rich saturated coloured light
•Ability to theme areas for particular events with specific coloured light and control
•18-bit dimming allows the light to fade down to zero which is perfect for particular
events and award ceremonies
•The 40° wide beam angle allows a consistent spread of light throughout the event
•A flexible fixture offered in RGBW, RGBA, Pure White in a variety of colour
•The ability to mix CTC whites by having RGBW options and more pastel colours,
coupled with improved colour mixing and better optical control
•Ability to illuminate complete areas with subtle CCT controllable white light

Photo credits: Exhibition London - Jake Davis & Magazine London - Broadwick Live - Apres Ski - Space 1&2

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