Anolis ArcSource™ 24MC Submersible ArcSource™ 24MC Submersible

Lighting does not have to be limited to the open air with this submersible fixture from Anolis. The ArcSource™ 24MC submersible has been crafted from the highest quality marine grade bronze to cope with the very harshest environmental conditions. An IP68 rating guarantees the unit to a depth of 10m whilst the multiple LED colour arrays allow for stunning lighting projects in both fresh and salt water applications.

Key Features

Fully submersible, solid bronze housing with all the features of the multichip outdoor family.
Lumen Output & Light Source
Max. 1,433 lm
6 x Multichip
Projected Lumen Maintenance
60,000 hrs ( L70@25ºC)
Power Consumption
Typ. 75W
Physical (max WxHxD)
216 x 261 x 171 mm - 10.5kg
8.5 x 10.28 x 6.73in. - 23.1lbs
Marine Bronze Body, Tempered Glass

Standard Product Versions

RGBW (6500K)
PureWhite (3000K)

Optic Options

7º, 13º, 20º, 30º, 40º, 60º, 90º
7ºx30º, 7ºx60º, 35x70º, 10x90º

Control Protocols / Options

via ArcPower 24MC(24v)

Finish / Options

Marine Bronze
Custom Paint Colour Option

Standards & Certification

2 Years
5 Years (Registered)
European CE